[ Astria Ascending Is A Vanillaware-Like JRPG From A Dream Team ]


The [email protected] stream on March 26 featured more than 100 games and ran for well over three hours, and one of the most-impressive games announced was Astria Ascending. A JRPG from Artisan Studios, it blends a Vanillaware art style with turn-based combat, and its development team includes some of the biggest names in Japanese gaming.

Written by Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy VII Remake scribe Kazushige Nojima, and with music composed by Final Fantasy XII's Hitoshi Sakimoto, Astria Ascending stars eight heroes known as the "Demigods," and they're "charged with the fate of the world." The game features a number of different races as well as 20 different classes to choose from, and its story seems to be focused on a fruit known as the "harmelon" that keeps peace between the various groups in Orcanon.

"… their fates are doomed, but the world is not," says a line on the Steam page. If you were looking for a story that was all sunshine and rainbows, you should probably look elsewhere. Alongside Final Fantasy and Bravely Default developers, Astria Ascending's team also includes Nier: Automata veterans, and that game isn't exactly known as a lighthearted romp.

Alongside the more-traditional turn-based battle elements, you'll be able to collect and then summon beasts into battle, and there is also a powerful technique known as a "Cosmo Break" that will give you the edge. Since the game is releasing this year, we'll likely learn more soon.

In addition to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, Astria Ascending is also coming to PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. It will be available through Xbox Game Pass, as well.