[ Rocket League Season 3 Has An Auto Racing Theme, Adds NASCAR And F1-Themed Bundles ]


Developer Psyonix has revealed the next seasonal theme for Rocket League. Following the musical Season 2, Season 3 will be a celebration of auto racing.

Keeping to the theme, Season 3 introduces a new auto racer battle car, the Tyranno. The Tyranno can be unlocked through Season 3's battle pass; it has a Dominus hitbox.

Season 3's battle cars are all themed around auto racing, with the F1 and NASCAR contained in bundles and the Tyranno unlocked via the battle pass.

Additionally, throughout Season 3, two new battle car bundles will become available in the shop. In early May, a NASCAR battle car bundle will be added, and in mid-May, a Formula 1 battle car bundle will roll in.

For Season 3, DFH Stadium is also getting a redesign. The new variation is called DFH Stadium (Circuit), adding a track and additional auto racing flair to Rocket League's classic arena. DFH Stadium (Circuit) will be available in both casual and competitive playlists, as well as private matches and freeplay.

Season 3 begins on April 7, following an update that will go live in Rocket League on April 6 at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET. Season 2's competitive rewards won't be added to your inventory until Season 3 goes live.